Financial Statements Preparation

Financial Statements

The preparation of a financial statements is essential not only for the management of your business, but also to provide outside parties assurance of your firms financial standing. When investors and lenders require third party CA/CGA to verify a company’s financial results, you need a licensed professional with the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately prepare financial statements. We have licensed CA/CGA’ with over 20 years in the field of tax and accounting. We are capable of preparing both internally used financial statements and those required by outside parties. With a client base of businesses ranging from small to large, and in nearly every industry, our staff can meet all of your financial reporting needs.

What we do?

We provide financial reporting at three levels of assurance to support your company’s specific needs:

Compilation – This level involves our summarizing data supplied by you in the format of financial statements. Financial statements usually consist of a balance sheet and profit and loss statement; a cash flow statement or footnotes may or may not be included. This engagement is usually suitable for interim reporting and, occasionally, year-end reports. No level of assurance on the financial statements is given by us as CA/CGA’s

Review – This mid-level service necessitates that we apply analytical procedures to the financial statements. Using our professional judgment, we ask you about your record keeping system and document certain key account balances. The depth of our work is sufficient for us to report that nothing came to our attention to indicate that your statements are not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. This engagement is usually suitable for year-end business reporting.

A full set of financial statements with footnotes is required at this level.

Audit – This is the highest level of assurance we can provide as CA/CGA’s. We give our opinion as to the fairness of presentation of your financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

This type of engagement is usually requested by larger companies, non-profit organizations, municipalities and schools. Banks and bonding companies may also require an audit of your company’s financial statements.