Data Entry / Data Mining

There are lots of companies that offer data entry and data mining services then why should you choose StrataOne Inc.? Here are the three reasons why:

  1. We have a process in place to ensure quality
  2. We provide you with competitive pricing
  3. We provide complete back-office solutions to our clients to help them grow their businesses.

You may or may not want to be in direct contact with the team working on your data entry or data mining tasks. We assign project managers to every sizable project to ensure accuracy and service quality. For smaller projects, we have our associates work under the supervision of their service mangers to manage client expectations. The service managers ensure that you get quality service.

Most of our clients are small to medium size businesses that have outsourced either their standardized business processes or semi-standardized back-office operations or both to StrataOne. This way they have optimized their cost structure and have achieved the goal of allocating their core resources to their core business processes while we assist them in accomplishing their non-core day-to-day tasks.

Our Data Management team has supported a number of clients in a number of data entry and data mining projects. This includes online data entry and offline data entry jobs like Web Data Entry, E-Book Data Entry, E-Commerce Data Entry, Catalog Data Entry, Company Reports Data Entry, MS-Access Data Entry, Questionnaire Entry, Product Registration, Forms Data Entry, Excel Data Entry, etc. They have also worked on Data Mining tasks like finding the required information from different online resources and then entering this information in different types of documents or uploading it to client web applications.

If you are looking for a company that could start with working on your data management tasks and could move on to doing more for you then StrataOne Inc. is the one you are looking for. We will provide you with top-class data entry or data mining services to prove that we keep our promise.

Data-Entry Services

In the present era, triumph of any business not only depends on how good your product or service may be but a great deal relies on how well you know your target markets, segments, customers, competitors, other factors influencing the market and then compiling all these details into a database format. The more information you may have, the better you can plan and implement strategies. Besides this there may be other data need to be accumulated. Theoretically, all may sound simple but when it comes to practical implementation this will turn-up to be an expensive exercise in doing in-house. STRATAONE offers data entry services catering all data entry needs and will handle assignments with greater accuracy and speed.

Data-Processing Services

We offer various types of data processing services. Our services may not be limited but can be tailored as per need.

• Form Processing • Insurance Claim Processing
• Image Processing • Check Processing
• Survey Processing • Credit Card Processing

Data can be delivered in any of the following formats

• Database Format • Text Format
• Word Format • Excel Format
• Access Format • Acrobat Portable Document Format
• HTML Format • or any other type specified by the client.

We can furnish you with the data in the following outputs

• Hardcopy • Via Email
• FTP Upload • CD-R/CD-W/DVD