Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Our consulting specializes in small business to help reduce their overheads cost in return for fees that are more sensible for a small business. We provide services to businesses that would have otherwise not be affordable or accessible to them otherwise. For instance, many small businesses cannot afford to fund their own IT or HR departments. Our consultation allows them to fill that gap afford-ably.

However, the usefulness of consulting like ours to the small business begins long before IT and HR departments are a consideration. The consulting firm can provide a financial consultant that will help the small business owner-to-be develop a business plan and to get the funding from the bank or other investor sources.

Business Plans & Feasibility Study

Feasibility analysis is a tool business owners can use to evaluate a proposed change in a business. This change may involve developing a new product, improving an existing product, changing marketing strategy or expanding or contracting the business.spin off companies in different IT specializations, whille business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. We provide due diligence, industry research and work very close with the client to build a comprehensive and useful plans.

Technical Writing, White Papers, Use Case

We have very diversified experience in technical writing for web, user guides, manuals, use case scenarios, white papers, value propositions, executive summaries, blogs, press releases and graphical chart representations even tabulated data information in best possible presentations .Depending on target markets and audience we can create a compelling literature for the clients and provide full support in working close with your own staff.

Financial Projections & Budgeting

We have expertise in presenting financial information based on our experiences as senior level executives working in different capacities as well as working as consultants on numerous projects. Financial projections and budgets are an integral part of business plans, loan applications, meeting presentations etc. The business projections can be from one year to ten years. The financial projections have to be in sink with rest of the business plans and must include risk factors, unknowns and contingencies. We have the ability to integrate and factor in such elements to create a more realistic projections for you.

Investor Presentation, Pitch & Value Proposition

Having delivered several presentations and value propposition pitch for prospective investors and other interest groups we bring a vast array of experiance in this area of delivering high impact pitches. We can guide you and position your presentations for a maximum affect towards any interest groups. We can create prsentation slides, flash animated illustrations and charts with voice and visual effects at very low price points due to our offshore team initiatives.