Accounting Services

We provide complete accountancy packages that are extremely good value for money and specialize in the contractor and professionals market. Our services are used by small to medium size businesses, lawyers, contractors, freelancers, engineers, medical staff and other professionals.

All work is carried out ‘in house’ by suitably trained staff and is only sent ‘offshore’ for processing if requested by the client for cost reasons. We pride ourselves on our service levels and maintain these to a very high standard which in turn means the services you will receive from us are second to none.

We have a quality control process that ensures that each transaction is verified and work is rechecked for classification, reconciliations, postings and proper accounting.

We appreciate that running your own business may seem complicated but we are here to guide you through it and take care of most of the work for you. We realize that you would rather be doing something other than accounts and completing forms, which is why our all-inclusive accounting package is proving to be very popular with people like you.

Service Offered

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparing Books of Account (Book-Keeping) [PRICE CARD]
  • Taxation & CRA Matters
  • HST Claims & Filings
  • Payroll Preparation & Necessary Filings
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Government Filings, Paperwork & Claims
  • Training on Accounting Software
  • Accounting System & Internal Control Designs
  • Auditing (Financial, Management, Investigative, Compliance)
  • CRA Audits Assistance